CMX – Simplifying the Fiat-Crypto currency Conversion Process

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Why Us

Crypto currency offers a plethora of benefits for companies and businesses. However, switching over to digital assets can seem like a long and complicated process.

At CMX, we believe that high-volume cryptographic transactions should be as streamlined and simple as possible, and we’re here to make that transition process seamless.

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How it Works

We help clients make the switch from fiat to digital assets. We’re involved in strictly large stake currency conversions on a global scale.

Agree Upon Terms


Buyer and agents agree upon initial deal terms and commissions with IMFPA(Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement.) Have buyer sign off.

Deal Structure


Buyer and Seller both agree on Escrow Agent/Law Firm (we can recommend) who will outline procedure and negotiate detailed deal structure highlighted by signed IMFPA. Buyer to provide POF (proof of funds)

Complete KYC


When Buyer wishes to move forward, they will receive a KYC form to complete and submit back to Escrow Agent/Law Firm.



On successful KYC approval, Escrow Agent/Law Firm will issue a platform agreement (essentially terms and conditions) Buyer to review, sign, and submit back.

Escrow Funds


On review and signature of platform agreement, Buyer will wire to Escrow account based on tranche guidelines. Buyer and Seller will agree upon time of transaction and indicator of price.(Ex: Buyers transfers funds to escrow account prior to a decided upon time to do transaction for that tranche. On international transactions, wires must be initiated even earlier as it takes time for funds to arrive.

Transfer Funds


On every transaction, funds will be swapped and Buyer wallet will be filled. This will continue for the decided upon period of time until the desired amount of coins are met.

What We Offer


Secure & Private Transactions for Everyone

At CMX, we take the security and privacy of our clients very seriously. We stay in touch with the very essence of decentralized currencies – Security and Anonymity.

Our goal is to facilitate a streamlined and seamless transition from fiat to crypto currency assets while respecting privacy and anonymity.


Large Transactions

To date, we’ve facilitated several large-volume transactions for our valued clients and we’re working continuously to deliver more successful transactions.


Our Team

The CMX team comprises a group of vastly experienced and business-savvy professionals with decades of combined knowledge in the crypto currency space.

We pride ourselves in a team of top industry experts that handle all our high-volume currency conversions.

We Facilitate International Transactions


Crypto Currency Ranking

Crypto currency isn’t just a rave of the moment. Bitcoin and other Altcoins continue to show strong value growth in crypto currency markets, and current global financial trends indicate an exponential increase in its value in coming years. At CMX, we believe that it’s a great asset to hold on to.

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If you’d like to know more about our services, please get in touch with us.

Our support team will be happy to take any questions you may have, and assist you in making a seamless transition.